4K Solutions was established in 2006 and is headquartered in the Midland, Georgia. 4K is a custom information technology and cyber systems integrator providing full turn-key solutions to include professional services and training.

Satellite Systems and Communications for Casinos. To support the growing casino business, operators need reliable and secure communication systems that support real-time betting. The LEO constellation from Telesat offers these benefits. LEO satellites offer global persistence, ultra-low latency, and rapid technology refresh. Additionally, Telesat's satellites can deliver high-speed, secure broadband anywhere in the world. The collaboration between the two companies is a great example of how commercial space systems can help the casino industry. The development of new commercial satellite systems has been made possible by recent advances in space technology. Unlike traditional satellite programs, commercial space satellites are much more efficient and versatile than government ones. They can serve as a bridge to remote locations, enabling best payout online casino Canada to offer better services to their customers. The Federal Communications Commission, the Federal Trade Commission, and NASA are already looking at how they can use commercial satellites. A satellite can offer a host of benefits to casinos.

4K Provides 4G/LTE, Satellite Systems, ROIP and Deployable Comms Worldwide.

Global leader in 4G/LTE deployable grab and go​ Mobile Broadband Kits™.

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4K designs intuitive, simple to use budget conscience 4G/LTE Mobile Broadband Solutions that are tailored to each customers demanding requirements.

4K’s MBK’s are deployable globally to provide internet backhaul from eastern Europe, Mongolia, Africa, Afghanistan to Korea, and the Asia Pacific.

Leveraging the world’s cellular carrier lightning fast 4G/LTE networks enables our customers to utilize our MBK’s for staff work, engineering work, run their businesses, law enforcement, disaster preparedness, first responders, fire departments, hospitals, emergency management offices and DoD units.

Direct Critical Communications Products and Support.

4K MBK's are fielded across two US Army programs of records. They are also FEMA TRM “Approved product listed”.

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