NuRAN Wireless, Inc. supplies mobile and broadband wireless infrastructure solutions. It provides systems for indoor coverage; rural connectivity in emerging markets; connectivity to offshore platforms and ships; and private mobile networks or custom solutions for markets such as Internet of thing, public safety, emergency, and crisis communications. The firm's solutions consist of GSM ran and GSM network. Its products include GSM LiteCell, GSM EDGE-Superfemto, Nexus Core Network, OC-LTE and OC-2G. The company was founded by Patrice Rainville on September 23, 2014 and is headquartered in Québec, Canada.

Specifically designed to reach the next billion mobile subscribers, the GSM LiteCell opens a whole new world of possibilities, for low density, low income, and remote populations.

NuRAN Wireless introduces the GSM LiteCell, the world’s most affordable, lowest power consumption, and easiest to deploy GSM-EDGE Micro-BTS.

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NuRAN’s GSM Radio Access Network solution consists in a complete Base Station Subsystem, ready to be interfaced to MSC & SGSN of existing networks. Both the Abis and A interface are implemented over IP instead of E1/T1, which simplifies local connectivity, and makes it easy to carry traffic over various types of backhaul, such as DSL, microwave, and satellite.

GSM network-in-a-box

NuRAN’s GSM network-in-a-box solution consists in a small-scale implementation of core network elements, which allows the deployment of a GSM network anywhere, in a matter of minutes. The solution acts as a gateway between mobile phones and a PBX for calls, and internet for data. The network-in-a-box may be deployed separately from the BTS, or it can reside within the Superfemto or LiteCell for utmost portability and cost-efficiency.

Reaching Everyone, Everywhere.

Deploying a radio access network (RAN) through the help of a GSM-EDGE SuperFemto only requires minimal infrastructure as backhaul communications are performed through Ethernet, leveraging existing IP networks.

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